Uber Eats – Review

I woke up with a sudden craving for Indian food this morning. Yes, this morning. It was quickly followed by a craving for pizza but the Indian food craving won. I know a good Indian restaurant within walking distance from where I live but it’s a bit pricey and I really didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a meal.

I’ve seen Uber Eats advertise lots of interesting dishes before so I looked into it and was lucky to find a Butter Chicken Wrap. I dove right into the experience and took them for my very first test drive.

I rated each element of the entire experience with emojis to have some fun with this. My (somewhat) sincere apologies go out in advance to vegetarians, people who love chickens (as pets), and those who suffer from Alektorophobia for the poultry themed rating scale used in the writing of this post.


I was able to select from a curated menu from a number of different restaurants in the area. It really was as easy as ordering an Uber ride. I was lucky to find a Butter Chicken Wrap which was exactly what I was craving! In less than a few minutes I had lunch coming my way!


Uber Eats Order

Glory of India Roti


Have you ever noticed that sometimes the Uber App tells you your ride is going to be there for you in 5 minutes…for like 15 minutes!? Well, I was curious if this would happen here and it did but not by much. I checked out at 11:34 AM, at which time the ETA was ~11 minutes. The food was ready in my hands at 11:48 AM so it was only late by a few minutes. A perfect rating would have been given had they delivered on time or less.


Uber Driver en Route

Don’t want you to know exactly where I live :-p


Indian food always makes feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but that’s not what I was rating here. I wanted to see if the food would be hot, or at least very warm, and it was! The driver even warned me the container was warm so I was very happy! They get five big, fat,  juicy chickens for this!



Big fail here guys. Now, it was a chicken wrap which means I could have technically eaten the thing with my hands with the need for utensils, but the fact that they didn’t bother to include a fork and knife or even napkins is pretty thoughtless. This may be a restaurant fail rather than an Uber Eats fail so I’m gonna go neutral here with only three chickens and a poultry leg.



Although I could have easily eaten two orders of this stuff, I must say that I was quite happy with the portion. I could have maybe used a bit more filling (potatoes and chicken) but I can say that about any meal I really like.



Can’t wait to eat this!


Nothing short of incredible! The quality of the food was awesome! I gobbled it up in no time! They get high chicken emoji marks here and I threw in an extra turkey emoji for the restaurant that deserves the praise here, which is Glory of India in Parkdale.





The whole thing cost me $10.17 CDN, which is pretty reasonable considering all of the above. I will definitely keep a lookout next time Uber Eats offers this meal.



I am quite pleased with the whole experience and will definitely use Uber Eats again. This is a welcomed addition to my take out roster :)

Have you ordered using Uber Eats yet? Do you have any complaints or feedback about the service?

 December 8th, 2015  
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Art on the iPad

I recently received an awesome iPad Mini as a gift and I love it except that I find myself using it almost strictly for watching movies and the odd internet search. I wanted to do something more with it and so I purchased an Adonit JotTouch Pro to see if it would reawaken the “closet artist” in me.

After using it for about a week now, I must first say that it is nothing like drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper. I pretty much expected this so no surprise there. What I have learned is that it is a completely different way to create. Whether you are doodling, sketching, or editing a picture, it does feel more natural to hold a pen rather than using your finger so I’m liking the gadget so far.

There’s a tonne of free and paid Apps out there that will let you do everything from simple doodling and sketching to more professionally produced stuff. Finding the right app for what you want to use it for is part of the learning curve with this device. I am definitely having a lot of fun with it!

Here is some of the stuff I’ve come up with:

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline



A tree and a rock in the sun.


A girl

A girl

This last one is something I drew the old fashioned way many many years ago. I never really “finished it” so I took a picture of it with my iPhone and then used Autodesk SketchBook to add some colour to the hair and the clothes.

Have you created any sort of art with a stylus pen? Any advice for a style pen rookie like me? Would love to hear your feedback or better yet, see some of the stuff you created!


 December 7th, 2015  
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Your laptop’s worst enemy

In spite of all the fear mongering about ransomware, bloatware, and virus root kits designed to steal your financial information, tap into your emails, or turn your computer into a zombie soldier for a large bot network, your laptop’s worst enemy can actually be lurking near your laptop right now! You may even be sipping on it as you read this!

On any given morning, 20 to 30 broken laptop computers arrive at MicroReplay, needing to have various liquids extracted from their lifeless corpses

Laptop and Coffee

What’s wrong with this picture?

Who doesn’t like to have coffee while using their laptop? The two are quite the convenient pair! With a few clicks, one offers you access to the world while the other, with a few sips, keeps you perky and caffeinated. What could possibly go wrong with such a delightful coupling? Well, a LOT can go wrong!

Joe Kouyoumjian, CEO of Microplay, a Massachusetts based computer repair company, recently said that “On any given morning, 20 to 30 broken laptop computers arrive at MicroReplay, needing to have various liquids extracted from their lifeless corpses. Many shiny new, Black Friday purchased computers are sure to meet one of these liquids.” According to their findings, the top three liquids spilled are coffee, water, and soda.

You ideally want to keep all types of liquids as far away from your laptop at all times, but if you flail your arms like an octopus with its head cut off every time you talk, you are likely to spill the wet side of mayhem on your treasured device at least a few times during your lifetime.

You likely just lost priceless photos, documents, and memories that are irreplaceable

So, what exactly do you do once this happens? There are plenty of articles on the internet and really solid how-to guides on exactly what to do. What is less easier to find is advice on dealing with the emotional toll a spill is sure to cause you.

Here are some helpful hints to get through this dark and imminent moment in your life:

  • Pray! If you are not religious, now may be a good time to pick one up. There are plenty of flavours to choose from, and if apostasy isn’t your thing, who says you can’t have two?Prayer
  • Cry! Find a hidden, dark, smelly corner and let it all out. You likely just lost priceless photos, documents, and memories that are irreplaceable so wailing, stomping, screaming, and hitting yourself are all encouraged! Why the smelly corner? Your dead laptop thinks you deserve it!Crying
  • Call a friend but don’t call just any friend (this is important). Don’t call that friend who’s lowest point in their life is not making the honour role one semester back in high school. They won’t understand because they would NEVER do something so stupid (they will feel good telling you this). To help you through this calamity, you’ll want to call a friend who has been recently dumped and cheated on. You’re preferably looking to be consoled by that special someone in your circle who’s served time for some sort of white collar crime. This friend will make you feel better in a jiffy (on various levels).Call
  • Stock up on paper, pencils (please get the ones with erase tips), envelopes, and stamps. If you want to write, use a pencil and paper–this is your new Word. If you want to send what you wrote to someone who is far away, an envelope with a stamp is your new email. If you want to send what you wrote to someone nearby, here is a how-to guide on making paper airplanes–this is your new bluetooth (you get the idea).Hand

If you have a smartphone, be a “smart owner” and put it inside a plastic container. Nothing fancy! A case that fits the contours of your smartphone is clearly not something you’ll know how to take care of and not something you deserve so any old tupperware container will do (the uglier, the better). It’s not punishment. Some of us just learn from our mistakes in unique ways.

iPhone Tupperware

Above all, you are encouraged to share your story. Share it with strangers, friends, loved ones and anyone who cares to listen to your rant. Maybe one day your experience will help them avoid the shame of having to open their lunchbox each time they want to make a call.

 December 2nd, 2015  
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Well folks. I did it. As I wrote in “part one” of this blog series, I used the Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay feature and I love it! Yeah, yeah, I know. I didn’t save a kitten from a tree or help an elderly woman cross the street. I saved myself a good five minutes and ultimately did nothing necessarily productive with it, however, I didn’t have to suffer and stand in line to get my caffeine fix, and that, if measured by the “first world problem” yardstick, is a far reaching accomplishment.

I know you are just dying for the nitty-gritty of what happened, so following is a brief account of why “I think this [mobile order and pay thing] is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”, and a service I hope more and more merchants adopt in the coming future.

The coffee was hot, the pastry was tasty, and I was one super happy customer

I ordered a Grande Dark Roast coffee and a Banana Nut Bread slice. Incidentally, I found out that most of the items have their calorie content listed–pretty neat if you’re watching your diet. After confirming my pick-up location, items ordered, etc., I got a screen that told me how long I was going to have to wait.

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

So far, so good, and as you can see from the screenshot, I ordered at 5:18 PM, which meant they had until 5:24 PM (at the most) to fulfill the order within the timeframe they gave me.

I walked in to the store and headed straight for the pick up counter and stood there for no more than 15 seconds before a young chap looked at me and confirmed my name. After doing so, he handed me over my stuff. It was now 5:23 and it only took me another minute or so to get get some sugar and a few napkins and I was outta there! The coffee was hot, the pastry was tasty, and I was one super happy customer.

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

This was a nearly perfect first experience and I will undoubtedly order this way from them from now on. I do wonder, however, what would happen if one changes its mind about what they order. Would it completely throw a wrench in this seemingly perfect process? Have any of you had a terrible experience with Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay? Have you only had good experiences? Are you still ticked about their red cup? If you are, stop it! It’s ridiculous! It’s almost as annoying as reading how someone saved five minutes ordering coffee!

(In case you’ve been living in a cave these past few weeks, here is an awesome clip from The Ellen Show that sums up the ludicrousness of this “issue”.)

Merry Christmas folks!

 November 27th, 2015  
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I took a digital plunge and joined the ranks of the cashless elite a few months ago. Yup! I haven’t had to fiddle around with dirty money or heavy change in my pockets. Nope. I am “with it” and “in the know”. I not only feel like I belong but that I am somehow a teeny weeny bit better than I was before–at least when paying for coffee at Starbucks.

This digitally caffeinated high I’ve been on came to an abrupt end a few days ago. It fizzled like a weakly frothed head made from skim milk. Just when I thought I was doing well at keeping up with the ‘digital’ Joneses, I was stripped of my “digital cool badge” (the one that only exists in my head) and demoted into the dark ages by Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay. It was no longer enough for me to have my Starbucks App scanned to be cool (is it even “cool” to be “cool” anymore?), people are now ordering their stuff in advance and they seem to love it!

Mobile Order & Pay lets Starbuck’s App customers order and pay for their drink in advance

It all started on a day that was supposed to be like no other. I walked into my local Starbucks and ordered my usual double espresso. There were only four people ahead of me so I was expecting this to be a quick and comfortable in and out. I wasn’t in any particular hurry, but long lineups do make me reflect far too much on how addicted I am to the stuff (among other things). I double checked my Starbucks App and it was loaded with plenty of “cash” so I thought I’d soon be scurrying away with my much needed fix (tip: you know you have a “problem” with “something” when you can vividly picture yourself dancing with glee with your ”something”).

Line up

Only one of the four people ahead of me ordered a drink from the bar so there was only one person getting in the way of my fix, or so I thought. This is the moment I realized I was once again just another Joe Blow. I helplessly stood by the pick up counter and, in full blown caffeine withdrawal horror, counted at least six people that walked in off the street and waited no more than a few seconds to pick up their order. One lady was so impressed she exclaimed: “You should have a tip jar here!”.

Mobile Order & Pay lets Starbuck’s App customers order and pay for their drink in advance. This means no lining up like the rest of us epsilons! “No time? No line” is the slogan. Their crafty ad campaign sums up how it works:

It took me many months to finally cave in and start using my phone to pay at Starbucks, and when I finally did I never looked back. The first time I saw someone use their phone to pay for their coffee, I thought it seemed silly and even a little gimmicky. Something I thought I’d never use. I don’t remember the exact reason I jumped on the digital mobile payment bandwagon, but having the barcode on my phone scanned now seems completely normal, so much so that I look forward to paying this way for more and more things.

I am not going to wait months and months to try Starbucks’ new feature out. I have promised myself to dive right in and order my next drink from these folks on my App (read “part two” of this post). I just hope that it doesn’t get cold and that somehow I get my “digital cool badge” back.

 November 23rd, 2015  
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